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This is a space with a story.

What started as a personal diary during my cancer treatment, turned into a book, and then into a business.

From personal development to growing your brand or business, this is a space designed to help us embrace true authenticity, to celebrate the things that change and impact our worlds, and to honor the experience. 

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The Book

As a young adult cancer survivor, I learned to be compassionate with myself and my body, I learned that we can find beauty in unthinkable challenge, and most importantly, I learned that we can reinvent ourselves with purpose and intent.  So, That Happened, A Memoir is an honest and candid reflection on the year that cancer happened to me. From going to a cocktail party with a fresh buzzcut to dealing with the isolation of sickness to maintaining intimacy, I share it all with you.

We are our stories. And this is mine. 


The Business

With 10 years spent at a top tier advertising agency marketing pharmaceutical brands and product portfolios, I am proudly helping to grow health, wellness, and healing focused brands and businesses, as an independent marketing consultant and business strategist. 

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The Blog

Newly Launched! Sharing what got me through intense chemotherapy treatment and then life after cancer, here is a curation of observations, anecdotes, lessons, insights, and healthy hacks to promote health, happiness, and wellbeing.  

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