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Webster Works is the support resource that shares a personal, candid, and honest account of the transformative nature of struggle and challenge.

This is a space designed for those facing a physical or emotional struggle and want a funny friend to give them the real-deal, down-and-dirty, honest-to-goodness story of the time that cancer happened.  In hopes of helping you through your battle, I provide a first-hand story of my own journey from pre-diagnosis to current remission - a story that is most fully captured in my book, So That Happened, A Memoir. Relevant to those sick or healthy, I offer a curation of insights, tips, tricks and healthy hacks on how to take care of your body, how to manage and cope with the process of illness and challenge, and how to find your truest, badass self in the rubble.

Ultimately, I am driven to show you the many ways you can become your best self because of all that has happened to you.

We are all survivors. And that adventure, in itself, is wild, torrential, and it is beautiful.



The Bio

Nice to meet you! Here is a little about me, my background, and why the hell I wrote my book, So That Happened, A Memoir.

The Blog

Newly Launched! A curation of observations, insights, tips, tricks, and healthy hacks to promote health, happiness, and wellbeing. 

The Business

Proudly helping to grow brands and businesses worth believing in, and awakening that biz-savvy badass in us all. Check out the hustle.