Photography by Diana Davis, of Diana Davis Creative

Photography by Diana Davis, of Diana Davis Creative

Cancer Survivor



Consultant for Health & Wellness Brands and Businesses

About Me

As a young adult diagnosed with a rare blood cancer, I had my world turned on its head. I was twenty-nine, living in NYC, and at the height of my corporate career, with nothing but big dreams and plans for the future. The original, carefully designed plan I had for myself evaporated before me with that diagnosis, and I began to rebuild, reprioritize, and self-renovate based on a new set of values.

After spending ten years marketing pharmaceutical brands and product portfolios at a top tier advertising agency in NYC, I went off on my own to share my story through my memoir, So That Happened, and to help the wellness educators and healing experts who helped me, as their marketing consultant and business strategist. 

Through the experience of my diagnosis through to life after cancer, I learned to be compassionate with myself and my body, I learned that we can find beauty in challenge and growth, and most importantly, I learned that we can reinvent ourselves with purpose and intent. These learnings are applicable to us all, and are the pillars of my business as a marketing consultant and strategist.  In my work, I help my clients identify their true brand identity, shape their core offerings, and market themselves in a way that is true to who they are and what they stand for. 

Because we are our stories. And that is the most powerful marketing tool we have.

What started as a personal diary during my cancer treatment, turned into a book, and ultimately, a platform designed to share stories of growth and transformation, be them personal or professional.

From personal development to growing your brand or business, this is a space designed to help you embrace your authenticity, to celebrate the things that change us and our worlds, and to honor the experience.

The world is waiting for you, and your story.

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CC is a former advertising executive who specializes in pharmaceutical healthcare advertising in New York City. Diagnosed with lymphoma at age twenty nine, she began her course through treatment which led to the exploration and discovery of health, happiness, and herself. 

From first diagnosis to current remission, CC combined eastern and western medicine to wage a war on cancer and support the body throughout it's fight. The end result was the discovery of a healthier self, a happier self, a new self. 

Due to the success of her integrative and explorative approach, CC now shares her story in hopes of helping others navigate their own struggles and challenges, and through it, find their authentic selves, recognize the power of their stories, and learn how to make the biggest impact on the world around them. And at the very least, invite some humor along the way. 

CC lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with her husband, Matt. She is currently an independent branding and marketing consultant for small businesses and start ups, specializing in health and wellness focused brands.