The most raw, honest, and meaningful book I have read all year.
— Amazon Reader
 In less than 12 hours post launch,  So That Happened  hit  #24  on the Amazon’s Best Seller list for Medical Biographies! Thank you, thank you for supporting my story and subjecting yourself to my inner dialogue.

In less than 12 hours post launch, So That Happened hit #24 on the Amazon’s Best Seller list for Medical Biographies! Thank you, thank you for supporting my story and subjecting yourself to my inner dialogue.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 8.46.10 PM.png
Powerfully written, open, honest, and laced with well-timed humor. A brilliant young writer.
— Barnes & Noble Reader
A gripping portrayal of a young woman given a life changing diagnosis.
— Amazon Reader
I can’t begin to tell you the impact reading this book had on me... CC was able to detail her entire experience with such honesty, clarity, and humor. I couldn’t put the book down.
— Amazon Reader
I was awed by her candidness and touched by her insight. Easily relatable, deeply grounding. This book inspired me in so many ways.
— Barnes & Noble Reader
After experiencing cancer myself, I think So, That Happened should be required reading for all those who unfortunately travel down this path.
— Amazon Reader
I laughed, cried, felt inspired, and grounded. CC’s candor and humility were present throughout the novel, and I truly felt connected to her and her story. Highly recommend for all, especially great for women in their 20s who are experiencing personal growth, or those that are going through a medical difficulty.
— Amazon Reader
CC takes you through her journey with humor, empathy, and clever conversation. Her message beautifully portrays a theme in life shared by all. A great read!
— Amazon Reader
Humorous, touching, informative, and absolutely beautifully written. The love story is a tear jerker.
— Kindle Reader
A smart, snarky mix of humor and sadness with an overall inspirational tone. Perfect and relevant. A must read.
— Kindle Reader


"At the time of initial diagnosis, my relationship was very young. One week, we were going on a date to a French restaurant for dinner, and the next... we were counting eggs before chemo."

Here is an ode to the ones that sit next to the chemo chair, hold sweaty hands, run 40 blocks to make yet another appointment, who sit next to the bed, and who ultimately change the way we see ourselves. Here’s to you.

Check out the SurvivorNet Interview

 Interview and film production by SurvivorNet Media.

Interview and film production by SurvivorNet Media.


"So what does it all mean, Basil..." 

My editor and I decided to shoot the breeze and answer this question, but this time on film. Catch my very first interview with her to hear about how we met, why the hell I wrote a book, and the meaning behind the message. And no, we are not drinking.

Click the link to catch the interview!

Interview by Stephanie Gunning, Editor and Publishing Consultant.

CC describes herself as "one of the lucky ones." Diagnosed with a rare lymphatic cancer at age 29, she went through a year of transformation -- experiencing things that are common among people who have survived cancer, but also recognizable to anyone who has faced hardships with their health or in their lives.


What happens when a girl and her oncologist talk all things cancer?

We get unfiltered insight into the emotional story along with the physical facts. From dealing with the shockwave of that diagnosis, to exploring my relationship with my health, we learn that healing goes far beyond that last drip. It's mind and body, people.

Coming soon on Weill Cornell Medicine newest podcast, CancerCast, hosted by my incredible oncologist and head of the WCM lymphoma program, Dr. John Leonard.

Grab the teaser here.

Featuring CC Webster, Hodgkin lymphoma survivor and and patient of Dr. John Leonard, Weill Cornell Medicine.


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